Hunger Feast by Alice Azure
Hunger Feast by Alice Azure

Cheryl Savageau, in her introduction to Hunger Feast, says Azure’s poems suggest that it is desire itself that leads us through the process of becoming ourselves, through feasts that nourish, and feasts that disappoint, hungers sated and inflamed. Hunger Feast – it seems a duality, one leading to the other – yet in Azure’s hands it becomes also a sacred feast, a feast of desire, that erotic fire that comes from the stars and runs through us, that hunger for life and connection that urges us towards a continual becoming.

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Worn Cities by Alice AzureThe cover art is my own photo from early 1980 of the Munjoy Hill area in Portland, Maine. In spite of intense gentrification, today Bruni’s Market still stands. Here are a few lines from the title poem in the collection:

In the sun-salted air of DiMillo’s on the waterfront,
I chatter and carry on about poetry
with Cheryl, Siobhan and Carol.
Lobster-roll juices dribble down my chin,
 stain my aqua-blue, designer print blouse.
It doesn’t matter. I am happy
in my city by the sea.

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 Along Came a Spider


Poet Alice Azure wrote Along Came a Spider (Bowman Books), about her 35-year search to trace her Native American ancestry. She found her spiritual home in the Acadian- Métis culture of Nova Scotia, where Europeans and the miâ kmaq (pronounced Mic-mac) tribe intermingled in the sixteenth century. While piecing the story together, Azure says she sensed she was being sought out by Invisibles as much as I sought them. During the rigors of writing and research, Azure met her spiritual guide, Grandmother Spider, who urged her to complete the work and to write honestly. The conversations with Spider are included in the book. It was all so interesting and so unheard of.

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Games of Transformation

Games of Transformation

The poems in this chapbook are inspired by Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Collinsville, Illinois. On the six square miles of this World Heritage Site resided an ancient city of up to 20,000 people between 900 – 1400 AD.

Alice Azure’s recent work has appeared in you are here: The Journal of Creative Geography; Against the Current; Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe; and Studies in American Indian Literatures. The author of three books, her most recent, Games of Transformation, released in 2011 by Albatross Press in Chicago, was selected as poetry book of the year by Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers & Storytellers.

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In Mi`kmaq Country: Selected Poems and Stories

 MiKmaq County

Alice Azure’s first book of poetry, drawn from her wide-ranging Mi’kmaq world, provides us with a rich array of finely honed pieces. Her view encompasses people and human behavior, the natural world and its varied ways, the forces seen and unseen, the very Cosmos. This is a fine feast, especially satisfying for those disposed to think, reflect and act on behalf of understanding, justice and harmony.

This is a fine feast indeed—especially satisfying for those disposed to think, reflect and act on behalf of understanding, justice and harmony.” Hunter Gray (Mi’kmaq, Abenaki, Mohawk), Author

A Mi’kmaq Métis, her roots are in the Kespu’kwitk District (Yarmouth) of Nova Scotia. The St. Louis Poetry Center has published her prize-winning poems in its annual chapbooks of 2007, 2008 and 2012. She maintains a website at Along with many other Mi’kmaw artists, humanists, educators, poets and writers, her work has been archived at the website Tepi’ketuek,

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Mikmaw Archives LogoPronounced dep’ e get doek, this Mi’kmaw word means sharing what we have.

This site—a collaborative of many Canadian partnerships—features the works of Mi’kmaw educators, writers, artists, lawyers, activists and historians—to name a few.  Look under the collections of “poets” and ”spirituality” to locate my writings.
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